Alkylation Unit Column

This Alkylation Unit Column has been manufactured for an
Australian refinery and will be used in the production of
high Octane Fuel.

Thornton Engineering scope of work included;

  • Vessel design and detailing, including third-party verification
  • Statutory design registration
  • Global procurement of raw materials
  • Development of several weld procedures including exotics
  • Manufacture of vessel, platforms, ladders and pipe supports
  • Column Section Stress Relieving
  • Testing of vessel – hydrostatic, proof load testing
  • Surface treatment
  • Transport to site

Steel was sourced internationally from a mill in
Belgium due to the strict chemical restrictions and
Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) resistance.

All fabrication aspects were able to be performed
in-house and with less reliance on subcontractors,
giving Thornton Engineering greater project
control with less risk on schedule activities. This
included stress relieving the column in two sub
assemblies in the 25m furnace and hydrotesting
and painting in the 40m in-line paint shop.

This column was successfully delivered on time to
client specifications for a shutdown.

Some of the project details are as follows:

Year: 2020
Thickness: 30mm
Diameter: 3m OD
Height: 32m
Weight: 110T
Material: A516-65N (HIC+S54)
Classification: Class 1B
Project Number: 19016/19017

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