Flare Scrubber

This Flare Scrubber has been manufactured for an Australian oil and gas producer and will be used on an off-shore platform.

Thornton Engineering scope of work included;

  • Vessel design and detailing, including third-party verification
  • Statutory design registration
  • Global procurement of raw materials
  • Development of several weld procedures including exotics
  • Manufacture of vessel
  • Testing of vessel – hydrostatic, proof load testing
  • Surface treatment and decontamination
  • Transport to site

Steel was sourced internationally from a mill in France due to the strict chemical restrictions.

All fabrication aspects were able to be performed in-house and with less reliance on subcontractors, giving Thornton Engineering greater project control with less risk on scheduled activities. This included rolling, all welding activities, hydro testing, proof load testing, surface prep and decontamination testing in the 40m in-line paint shop.

Flare Scrubber Detail:
Project#: 17051
Tag#: SAV-5605
Client: Esso Australia Pty Ltd
Diameter: 2304mm
Length: 6900mm T-T
Shell Thickness: 12mm/25mm

Design Pressure kPa(g):  1035 / -80
Weight:  8880kg
Material: (6Mo)
Plate: ASTM-A240-N08367
Forgings: ASTM-A182-F44

See the below photos of the completed project:

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