Shaft Refurbishment - Headframe

We recently had the privilege to fabricate a 112T Shaft Refurbishment Headframe for a client. Our scope included supply, fabrication, surface protection (Sections Galvanised & Sections Painted) and delivery of structural steel work including;

  • handrails,
  • platforms with floor plate etc.,
  • custom welded box sections,
  • posts,
  • pedestals,
  • legs,
  • guides,
  • caged ladders,
  • floor plate & stair landings,
  • gates & doors,
  • collar beams,
  • frames and more.

Material used for fabrication consisted of the following:

  • Hot Rolled Sections to AS3679.1:300
  • Hollow Sections to AS1163 (C250 & C350)
  • Welded Beams to AS3679.2:300
  • Plates/Cleats to AS3678-250
  • Packers to A240-316
  • P1000 Unistruts

Year: 2017
Project Number: 17011

Please take a moment to view the beautiful photo’s of the project and site below.

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