Feedwater Heaters

This project is for a valued client and involved the
re-design, manufacture and installation of High-Pressure
and Low-Pressure Feedwater Heaters. This equipment is used in the coal fired electricity generation process and replaces exiting equipment.

The HP heaters are vertical type, “U” tube head down, surface contact, with integral drain cooling and de-superheating sections. Adding to the complexity of the scope the HP heaters incorporate specialist Internal Bore Welding (IBW) which requires a unique skillset and equipment. The LP4 Heater is a horizontal, “U” tube type surface contact heater with integral subcooled zone and vent pipe for removal of non-condensable gases.

Project details for the HP Heater are as follows:

Year: 2020
Diameter: 1600mm
Design Pressure: 2.4MPa/FV(Shell); 24MPa(Tube)
Weight: 37.1T
Tube Material: Carbon Steel
No. of Tubes: 1044
Tubesheet Thickness: 260mm
Tube to Tubesheet Joint: Internal Bore Welded (IBW)
Classification: Class 1B
Project Number: 17056/17057

Project details for the LP Heater are as follows:

Year: 2019
Diameter: 1429mm
Design Pressure: 0.62MPa/FV(Shell); 3.4MPa(Tube)
Weight: 20.7T
Tube Material: Arsenical Brass
No. of Tubes: 577
Tubesheet Thickness: 60mm
Tube to Tubesheet Joint: Expanded + Flared
Project Number: 17058/17059

See below video time-lapse of the tube bundle being inserted into the shell, completing a key milestone for the LP Heater fabrication and project photos:

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