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We helped a valued client re-design, manufacture and install high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) feedwater heaters. The heaters are used in the coal-fired electricity generation process and replaced existing equipment.

The HP heaters are vertical type, ā€œUā€ tube head down, surface contact, with integral drain colling de-superheating sections. Adding to the complexity, the HP heaters incorporated Internal Bore Welding (IBW), which requires specialist skills and equipment.

The LP heater is a horizontal, ā€œUā€ tube type, surface contract heater with an integral subcooled zone and vent pipe to remove non-condensable gases.

HP Feedwater Specification

Design Pressure2.4MPa/FV(Shell); 24MPa(Tube)
Material Carbon Steel
ClassificationClass 1B
Number of Tubes1044
Tubesheet Thickness260mm
Internal Bore Welded (IBW)Internal Bore Welded (IBW)

LP Feedwater Specification

Design Pressure0.62MPa/FV(Shell); 3.4MPa(Tube)
Material Arsenical Brass
ClassificationClass 1B
Number of Tubes577
Tubesheet Thickness60mm
Internal Bore Welded (IBW)Expanded + Flared

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Further Information

Craig Malt +61 (0) 3 5274 3180

Project Video

In this timelapse video, you can see the tube bundle being inserting into the shell, completing a key milestone for the LP heater fabrication.

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